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  Howdy! So, as you may have guessed, we of the 2 Dainty Crafters persuasion are a bit eclectic in our crafts. We like to do a bit of everything, and the more hands on, the better. We have a couple of very good friends, Sara and Meg, who like to do jewelry and glass fusion. I, myself, am not gaga over it, but Shelley has been researching what it takes to do it. Meg and Sara had done a class over near where they live, and were keen to do another. So, out went the email to us, and we happily said, "sure!"
  Now, near where I live in north Minneapolis (NoMi for short) is a place called The Goddess of Glass and Gifts. Here is the website! It is run by a lovely lady named Connie Beckers, a wonderfully eclectic person, with oodles of talent and patience. You can also find her on Instagram (@goddessofglass), Twitter (@GoddessOfGlass), and Facebook ( )
Hi Connie!
 If you go to her website, she is running a special on group rates, and she does Groupon too!

  Her shop is located in a former garage, and houses a small shop, chock full of local handmade goodies, as well as a theater/open space, and the space for the glass classes. So, we were her second class for the day, and it was a warm one, so she had the garage door open. She went over what we could make, how the glass was fused together, how to use the tools, showed us many examples, and then basically let us loose. She would come in and offer advice, help with tools, and then would go back to the open space to get set up for a flea market she was hosting. It was a lovely, creative space! I was so jealous.
Here I am, constructing a sushi plate.

Here are my projects: 4 sushi plates and a coaster
This was Shelley's daughter, Samantha's, pieces

And this is Shelley's eldest daughter, Melissa's, pieces

And here are Shelley's!
   Now, there were a bunch of different pieces you could make, like plates and coasters, but also pendants and trinkets. The pieces could be fitted with little loops for the purposes of hanging in windows as well. I was really rather astonished at how many items you could end up making. And, bonus: all of the plates would be food safe, just not microwave or dishwasher safe.
There is Sara and Samantha at top; below is the rest of the class
   It takes Connie about 2 weeks to get all the pieces fired and ready for pickup. She explained how things are fired in her kiln in her own home, which is kinda cool (but not in a "cool" way; her basement apparently gets rather warm!). I am so excited, and can't wait to see how my pieces turned out! If you want to see more of the class art, please check out the Goddess of Glass Facebook page, and click on the photos section, and go to the Private Fusion Class 8-6-16.
  I am also still working on my yarn goodies, and trying to get some homeschool prep done. Ugh, the humidity is killing my brain cells, I swear!
This was my Monday...
  Shelley and her daughters wrote up their experiences for you!

  "I (Shelley), Decided to make 5 pendants and 1 soap dish.  I went with a lot of dichroic glass with 1 colored piece of glass.  I even worked in some colored stringers(colored sticks)  in one. I then decided I would do a few pieces with Frits (a bunch of random colored chunks).  I could have worked hours on just one piece, if I could have.
I just get in the zone and have fun.  It was great listening to Connie tell us all about where we had classes, what she does, seeing all the pieces she has worked on.
What a great 1st experience."

  "I (Melissa), made 4 coasters and 3 pendants; each piece I made was very 'modern'. The coasters had all very different shapes and sizes of colored glass, placed at angles in order to create a sense of movement.  Once the final layer of glass was placed on the colored glass, I used 3 different colored stringers per coaster in different places that complimented the colored glass I chose.  Concerning the pendants, I picked three different colored blocks and placed patterned dichroic glass on each to create a more interesting look.  Honestly, I didn't know if I was going to do well or not in this class because I had never done a glass fusing class before; so I kept it simple and just had fun with it!" 

  "I (Samantha), made 4 sushi plates, 1 magnet, & 2 pendants. I picked each piece of glass for my Sushi plates keeping as many natural lines as possible. I used bright and dark glass so that the colors contrast. I added stringers (colored sticks) to break up colors. I found a orange arrow shaped piece of glass that I made the center piece of one of a sushi pieces.
The pendants I made I used a dichroic to make pendants. I picked the back rounds that matched for the glass. For my magnet I used a green tinted glass and put frits on it so that when it is held up to the light it is shiny!"

 Well, that's it for this week! Next week I will be on a little vacation, so Shelley will be taking over. Not sure what she has planned, but it's gonna be good! Craft on!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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