Harvest Time & My Brief Visitor

I have the blog while Alyssa is away on vacation:)  Muwhahahah
Stay tuned for her adventures on out next blog.  So far it has been eventful, they finally got the car rental.

                                                                   Harvest Time

It is that time of year, when we pull our bountiful harvest from the backyard...  I had 1 thing that made it.  Due to extreme sun, heat, rain, and my adult children not helping me water or empty the pots out when it was to dang full of water, I have squat!  I knew I should have tried next year when my above ground garden was prepped and ready.  I think I may have eradicated most of the evasive winter weeds that plagued my garden. The whole garden was covered in them, time for 1 more vinegar treatment!  My adult children didn't keep it up like I had asked:(
 I talked to 1 of my favorite Baristas and she has plucked many tomato's this week from her 5 Tomato plants. On the positive side, my herb garden is exploding!  Over the next 2 weeks I have to get cracking and start dehydrating many herbs.  This will be my first year ever doing so.  I am excited to see how it all turns out.  My house will smell so fragrant.

Apple Mint

Last week as I was watching Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking channel on You Tube.  A light went off, I have all the supplies I need and I could totally make some extracts.  Sometimes we need someone to remind us(thanks Gemma) of what we can accomplish.   I worked on these beauties.  I cannot wait til they are ready to use.  I tend to do a 6 month wait period on all my extracts, unless they are for Alcohol use (2-4 weeks for those).  I have 1 year old Vanilla Extract that I constantly use.  I like to use different Alcohols for them.  I have done Grape Vodka, Potato Vodka, Spiced Rum, Corn Vodka, and I think next I shall try something unique and exciting.  Hmmm....
If you are wondering who is the Gemma person I always talk about???  Check her out!
I love her channel and passion for making good food.          * Chocolate Mint plant up above

Some I made Gluten Free and some not.  I do believe they may go out as gifts.
                                                                  My Brief Visitor

Now to my visitor, who was briefly here for 2 days and vanished.  I fear the worst!  Too many birds in my neighborhood.
I should have just plucked it and raised it myself or given it to a school. 
Never in all my years of gardening have I had such a tenant.  I have many visitors.  They love what I plant. 
Thanks for visiting and eating my Triple Curled Parsley.  I am glad you enjoyed your snack.

That about wraps up this weeks exciting adventures.  We are now in back-to-school mode. 
Bed time changes, final supply checklist, and meal planning.
Have a wonderful week everyone.
Thanks for stopping by,


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