How is it already August???

  Hello all! Alyssa here, and I cannot BELIEVE it is already August. Where is June? Didn't we just get done celebrating the 4th?? For the love of Pete, where has the summer gone???
  I was supposed to be working on a camping post, but I will not be, as my husband's day job decided to deny his vacation request. *insert many expletives here* So, we will still take a 3 day trip down to see family and friends in Wisconsin, but there will be zero camping, dangit. At any rate, I may do a book review that is knitting for/while camping next week, to make myself feel better.
  So, most of my posts on Instagram lately have been about my prep for homeschooling, and so I will dedicate my portion of the blog today on what I use to organize. Shelley tells me there are all kinds of "really cool!!!1!!" things out there for planners, so I will let her talk about those. As for me, I am a dollar section/dollar store shopper for things like supplies and planners.
Pardon my bare feet
 So, these are the 2 planners that I am using this year. I got both at the dollar section at Target. The green one is a few years old; I bought several at once, and this is the last one. I also found that it didn't have quite enough weeks, so I had to make copies and put them in a binder. The one on the left I picked up this year. They have greatly improved the design over time, and I like the new one much better. I normally don't use 2 different lesson planners, but this year we're doing high school as well as elementary, so I need the space. High school planning is a whole new level; poor Bunkie, he's my guinea pig for this.
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  The one on the top is the old style, with giant open boxes, the days on the left side and the subjects written across the top. When doing the elementary/middles school stuff, it worked ok, but this year I just don't have the space for everything.
  The one on the left is the new one, and it has the classes on the left column, with the days over the top. It also has a graph pattern, which helps me keep things neatly written. I still had to make a couple of improvements, as there aren't quite enough class spaces, but I like adding things to personalize anyway.

  Now, each of these planners comes with seating charts, substitute teacher info, birthdays, etc, things that I don't need, since I have 2 students, and I know very well who they are and when they get birthday goodies, haha! So, if you are a public school teacher, they have lots of space for the info you need to have down. However, I can't turn down the price, so I deal with it. The next 3 pictures deal with the new planner. This one has space for long range planning by month, as well as month at a glance pages for overviews. I did take the seating charge pages to write down goals prior to school starting, like printing out the science stuff for Packie, etc. I also used it to write down the reading goals for both boys this year. Bunkie is going to get the usual high school book rundown, like To Kill a Mockingbird, etc. Packie will be starting Harry Potter, and finishing The Hobbit.

 I really like the new planner much more than the old. Lots more space for getting stuff down, and that month at a glance means I don't need to have a separate "mom" planner for things. So much easier! The open blocks on the old were fine, but the grid pattern helps keep my handwriting legible, which is good, since hubby is going to need to be able to decipher the lessons for each day when I have to work.
  I also scored really cute file folders in the dollar section at Target. They had 3 packs of folders for a buck, so I snagged 3 sets. They're not plain paper either; they're that shiny, harder to rip paper, and they came with stickers you could write on to label them. I like stickers. It's my inner grade schooler, I suppose. Yes, I still have my sticker books... the scratch 'n sniff don't smell anymore, but the puffy ones are still holding it together!

See? Pretty!

  When I haven't been creating school things, I have been ignoring my housework and knitting socks. Oh, but lately I have been working hard on a certain Happypotamus project, as I would like to have both created soon so I can work on Christmas presents. I know I said that I was going to be more organized about that than I was last year, but I got... distracted. Okay, okay, it was "ooh shiny" syndrome, and I cast on more than I should have, but everything is so pretty!!! I will muddle through, and things will get done, and all will be well.
  Craft on! Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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