Post Vacation Hangover

*Yawn* Hello all! Yes, it's actually been 5 days since we got back from our little mini vacation down to visit family, but I'm still battling fatigue. Add to that the stress of finishing up the school year, a messy house, laundry that never ends, having to go to work tomorrow, Lug putting a hole in his closet door, etc, and I'm just tired. So very tired...
  However, I have not let that get me too down. Depression is a brat, but I have people depending on me, so time to hop to it!
  I finished a sock! I have said that many times on here, I know, but I did finish another sock! I still need to cast on for the mate, but for now, one is done:
I think I was watching some Disney to keep me on task.
Did a bit of knitting whilst being a passenger on the trip

   I have also been plugging away on the first of two hippos that I need to do for Christmas. I have the body done, and am now on the neck and head. It's turning out really super cute; I mean, it's still a hippo, but the colors look sweet.
Top: back end; Bottom: front and side
   Still need to make one in blue and white, as well as a princess style stocking cap. Got a good idea on how to do that now, though!
  So, at the beginning of the month, a group of us went to The Goddess of Glass and Gifts shop in North Minneapolis, and made some glass fusion goodies. I picked up many of the them, but haven't delivered most of the projects yet. Here are my sushi plates though; turned out all right, I think.
I don't even eat sushi, but I like these
   Shelley and I have been collaborating on a scrubby design for a couple of years now. Now that Red Heart has come out with a scrubby "yarn", I have been able to kick them up a notch. Used to take me a long time to make a scrubby, using the traditional netting, but this stuff is so fast it's awesome! I can make several in a day, and not tear out my hair! I am going to make a pair to go into a gift basket for Shelley's work, and several for family and friends. By the way, if you want a pair, specify colors and I can make you up some! $5 for a smaller one, $7 for a bigger one, or $10 for a set. They also come with a loop for hanging. You can toss them into the washer AND dryer, woohoo!
This is for my eldest boy; he chose the colors
    I wish I had some camping pictures and such to show you. We didn't get to go camping; hubby's day job denied his vacation request. So, all I have is the elusive Dunkin Donuts sign to show you.
We needed caffeine so bad; and there are none in the Twin Cities. Just realized it says Cop on a Rooftop!
    Well, it's time to get back to the old grind. Lesson plans and worksheets don't write themselves! *Eyes table strewn with school crap* Although I wish it did.... Cheers!

Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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