Glass Class Follow UP & Apps

Back to School is finally here.  It was a good 1st day back according to my youngest, “Seniors Rule” she says.   I know that some of you have been back for a few weeks already.  I hope everyone has a great bully free school year.

 I wanted to share the finished fused glass projects with all of you.  They all turned out absolutely fabulous.  Now to purchase chains, ribbon, and whatever unique items we find to finish them.

I made 4 coasters and 3 pendants, all with colors that complimented each other in the overall scheme of each groupings (coasters/pendants), some imperfections occurred with some bubbles due to the use of too much glue; however, I believe it gave more movement to the art itself.  All in all it turned out great and I had a lot of fun designing them! 
I love how my soap dish turned out, and the dichroic glass makes it pop.  My favorite pendant is made with the frits.  It was interesting to see how all the colors melded together.  I didn’t have too many bubbles.  Bubbles are hard to avoid when using frits and glue.  You have to cover the surface with glue and then add the frits on. 
All my sushi plates turned out pretty cool! I like how well the layers of color fused together. I like the way my pendants turned out. The rainbow dichroic glass and the base colored glass complemented each other. I like the one with the pink the best. The magnet turned out pretty nice and the base color intensified for it. I like how it all worked out and it was pretty fun to create!

Now onto App Business:
I recently discovered a fantastic app called "My Markers" by Purveying Planets.  It tracks Markers, Ink Pads, Pens, and some other odds and ends.  I love keeping track of all my stuff, so I no longer buy doubles.
Next I am trying out some quilting and sewing ones.  Not sure if I will love it or leave it as of yet. Craftsy is a great app.  I can take classes and do them at my convenience.  Some are free and some cost money.

From the desk of Alyssa:
   So, I think I posted these in the blog a couple of weeks ago. I gave away the coaster I made to my oldest son, Gabriel, so I don't have a picture of that, haha! Overall, I like the color schemes I came up with, and it was interesting to do. Not really keen to do it again, simply because it doesn't interest me the way yarn and needles do.

  And it was the beginning of the school year for us as well yesterday. So far, no one has died, although there were a few close calls. Teaching 2 different grades is going to grey my hair faster than any other exploits these kids do. In the end, however, I will have done what I always wanted to do, and that is teach my boys to be whole individuals, who will be able to live and work in the world. And hopefully not be jerks. (That last one is kind of important!)
  I have been swamped with homeschool curriculum for the last month and a half, so now it's time to get back in the saddle and finish some projects! I am almost finished with the first Happypotamus, which means I need to get the second one started soon. I have been making my scrubbies, because they are simple and quick, in what downtime I have had. If anyone is interested, I make smaller ones for $5, larger ones for $7, and a 7 day pack of them for $35. You have to wash them almost daily; the cotton can get gross quick if you don't thoroughly dry them. That little issue aside, they are the best scrubbies I have ever used; you can go from rough to smooth without having to have 3 different clothes at the sink. I also put a little loop on them, so they can be hung on a hook for drying purposes. And, they are machine washable and dryable. (Want any? Make a comment here, or email us at
  Shelley asked me to look into apps for knitting/crocheting. The Craftsy one is good. If you use at all, there is an app called Stash2Go that is awesome for connecting to your Ravelry account. It is free, although you can buy a premium version. It's easy to use, and even can connect you to the forums. I also have been using an app called Knitting Buddy. It can keep track of individual projects, as well as store your needle and hook sizes, and even your stash! It has a stitch calculator, row counter, timer, even a flashlight! And, it is also free, although you can upgrade to an ad free version. I personally don't mind the ads so much; I'm cheap. :)
  That's all I have for this week. Hope to have something done by next week (I'm looking at you, lone sock on my #1 dpns!!) 
  Alyssa and Shelley, 2 Dainty Crafters!


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