New Blog Design, and Our Creative Process!

 Hey all! One thing we never like to talk about, is our creative process. Whether it be blogging, sewing, knitting, crocheting, or designing the next collaborative project. We would like to share that with you today.

  So, this is Alyssa, and I have been caffeinated, and now I'm ready to write. Shelley asked me what my process is for creating, and writing on here. Well, I write from the hip. I very rarely know what sort of things are going to come from my head when I sit my behind down here at my computer. Sometimes I know, because Shelley and I sat and chatted ahead of time, but I never write things down on paper to put on here later. Writing, for me, has to happen organically, otherwise I end up hating what is written and give up.
  When it comes to knitting and crocheting, I am a pattern follower, up to a point. Shelley is the idea gal, and then I take her idea and try to make it work (like our scrubby things). She will brainstorm some wild idea, and then she confidently tosses into my lap, sure that I can somehow make it work. I love her, haha! It's a good thing I have been intensely working with fiber for almost 6 years, so I can understand how the idea can take shape.
  A lot of times I will either see a magazine, book or Ravelry pattern, and I have to have it, and then I consider the fibers and needles/hooks. The other times I impulse buy a single skein of something gorgeous, and then struggle to find the right pattern. My art, and now my fiber art, is of the moment. I have to "feel" the impulse, and work from there. Hence why I have about 15 projects in various stages of finish. I hate my process, but trying to organize myself never seems to completely work, and so now I am learning to just go with it; things get done in their own time, not mine, hahaha!
   Alyssa and I have been working on a few collaborations over the last year.  We have tweaked, reworked, changed materials, and we now have something up for sale.  Let us know if you need our 7 Scrubbie pack for your kitchen.  Alyssa is currently taking orders. Email us at, and we can discuss prices and colors.

backside of scrubby
These are going to my mom, and have a red back

  I (Shelley), sketch and sometimes even write it out before I even type my blog. Both writing styles are very different. We want you to feel as if you were sitting with us in our living room drinking coffee, and chatting with us. Our blog isn't meant to be shiny, pretty,(though we are easily distracted by that) or perfect. We just share what we love doing! Today is one of those days in that I am winging it. I an typing as I think of things(kinda scary for me) I want to say. I will go off on tangents, Alyssa will Edit and fix them(best editor ever). (Thanks honey! A)
  I have a journal I like to write all my ideas I come up with in. I dream a lot of them and write them down so I don't forget. I have so much going on upstairs that I have to try and keep it straight somehow.
  Whenever I am working on anything, I must have a clean work space. Otherwise I will stress over all the crap I haven't done and get nothing done because I cannot focus. Like right now, it looks like a bomb went off after a frantic search for a school project. Yep they(adult children) left a big mess. No, I will not clean it up for you!!! I will just stare at it all day and it will bother me.

                                                      See, tangent, distraction, sigh.

On to my sewing process...
  Fabrics can be a real challenge some days.  I must wash, iron, and lay out everything before I do any pinning or cutting.  You must test your fabrics with tension, stitch length, needles, and sewing machine feet 1st, before making a final decision.  I keep good notes as to what I was working on so I can set everything back up correctly if I don't have time to finish a project
  I sketch a design out, create the design, cut, iron, pin, sew, and iron again. It sounds like such an easy process, but it is not.  Typically a design takes me 2-3 hours for something simple.  The more complicated, the longer it takes.

  I recently purchase a sewing table at a thrift store for $20.  I cannot wait to start using it. I have been very busy with work and other obligations, my sewing time is suffering.

  And that's how we work. Shelley is the organized one, who likes to schedule/plan/plot world domination, and I (Alyssa) just kind of do my own thing, like the heavy metal hippy I am. How does your process work? Tell us in the comments!

Have a wonderful day! Love, 2 Dainty Crafters, aka Alyssa and Shelley!

PS, changed up our blog theme a bit, but having some trouble with the description under the header, so working that one out! Hope you all like!


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