It's the first week of October!

  Yay! It's finally getting to my favorite time of year! No, not Pumpkin Spice season (barf), but Fall/Autumn/Halloween! I already have my (pitifully small amount of) Halloween decorations out, and am scheming for more.
My mantle; wish the fireplace worked, but then my tv would have nowhere to go.

The witch is in!
Teal pumpkin!

 Lug and I are going to try to get/make a few more things for the display out front. Needs more cobwebs and things, methinks.

 So, missed writing last week. It's been sort of crazy in the household, what with Kev performing a wedding, trying to keep the boys up with their schoolwork, and keeping myself in line. I have completely lost my short term memory. After a little reading, I'm firmly into the beginnings of body changes. UGH. Too hot, too cold, no memory, ready to cut someone for breathing funny, starving/full after 2 bites, crying at happy and sad things, etc. 40 is both awesome and sucky.
  I am currently on several projects of both the knitting and crocheting persuasion. Almost finished a pair of socks, 1/3 through a birthday scarf, 1/4 through another birthday scarf, 9/10 done with a happypotamus, 1/2 done with a 7 pack of scrubbies (need to color fast and then add scrubby material), and heaven knows what the heck else. How can it be October already??
  Shelley has been taking on tons of new responsibilities at her day job, and is also moonlighting as a demo lady for ice cream (company and her next location to be announced).
  So, the small teal pumpkin on top of my orange one? That is for I go to the dollar store and fill the small orange pumpkin with little toys and bracelets and such. That way, if a kid can't have candy, I have a little treat anyway. I always put my teal pumpkin out early, so families can see it before Halloween. That way they know we are safe house for all kids.. at least treat wise, hahaha!
  Well, that is all I have for now. We are going to make every attempt to post every week, but understand that this is our hobby, and sometimes life is just too darn busy! And, to top that off, Shelley will be leaving me, again, in November. OH, speaking of November, we are going to go to a local fiber fest in Hopkins, MN. is the website, and I am so excited! I'm going to have to save my pennies so I can get something there, booyah! 


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