Scrambling for Christmas

  I know, I know, it isn't even Halloween yet, but for the crafting world, it is now crunch time. Add on to that homeschooling, 4-H, work, housework, yard work, and a ton of things to make, and I end up a bit, um, overwhelmed. Shelley has 2 jobs, house, adult and teenage daughters, a military hubby, and some health issues, so she gets tired and overwhelmed too. You might say, at this point, "Ladies, just save yourselves some trouble and just buy the presents." You will get a look, one of stubbornness and irritation. "Nothing is ever as good as the love and time put into our gifts!!!", we will say in that look, and that is that.

Exhibit A
  So, this is my coffee table, covered in projects to be done. There is a sock, 2 scarves, numerous scrubbies and washclothes, a doily, a couple of shawls, a hat that needs decorating with a princess crown, a hippo that needs eyes and a partner, motifs for an afghan, a round waistcoat, and a crocheted Christmas tree. And that isn't including a bunch of other things that I have stashed around. Yeah.
  So, I had a little talk with myself, and decided to frog a few things. I spent some time sorting out the things that I really wanted to finish, and I starting taking apart things that had been sitting for awhile. It was really rather cathartic to unwind and then rewind the yarns; they became possibilities again, instead of frustrations. I still have too many things to finish, but it feels more manageable now.
Scrubbies and a washcloth for an order
Sara's scarf; located the missing pattern!!

   So, Eastside Community Lutheran Church (ECLC), the church my hubby is parish pastor at, is holding a small craft sale in November. Specifically November 19th, from 9am to 1pm, with the proceeds to benefit the church. This will help keep the doors open, the lights on, and hubby with a job! There won't be a giant amount of things there, but we will have a small smattering of blankets, scrubbies, jewelry and body products. A bit of Christmas shopping, if you will, for stocking stuffers or something extra for a kid/grandkid/kid at heart. So, I am running it. Eep. Ack. Ook.
  In preparation for this, the Craft Club at church is working on scrubbies. I actually had to write the pattern down! I haven't done that for quite awhile, so it took a bit of doing. It feels kind of good to have written a couple of useful patterns for the church to use. I taught some basic crochet (it helped that several people had some crochet mileage already!), and set the group loose. So far, it's been good! We are going to have a couple of craft nights coming up, Nov 9th and 16th, to make some blankets for the sale, and something else, not sure what yet.
  Also, coming up on Nov 5th is Fall Fiberfest! The club is going to go on a little field trip, if they want to. I'm excited! I hope I have enough cash to get some goodies!
  Well, that is is for this week. We are trying to keep this weekly, but this is getting to be the race to the finish line, so we may miss a bit here and there! Keep crafting!!
Love, Alyssa and Shelley, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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