After Thanksgiving

  It's after Thanksgiving, and I am finally able to sit at the computer and write. No, I didn't overeat this time (barely sat down that day, to be honest). Last week I was unable to sit much in a regular chair because 2 Saturdays ago I blew out my lower back while sweeping. Yes, sweeping. I know I'm technically not supposed to vacuum, sweep or mop, or lift over 20lbs, but dangit, that wood floor was in dire need. At any rate, I was unable to move, or get out of bed without trying 15 different yoga moves, etc, for a couple of days. Chiropractor got me sort of sorted (darn sciatic nerve), but then I caught the gut bug that was going around. I had to take off work the week before Thanksgiving, and slept for about 72 hours straight. Oye. I still have some back pain, and need to keep supports under myself when sitting for too long, but I have about 80% of my mobility back. I'm currently lobbying for a Roomba.
  The only real upside to being unable to move one's lower body for awhile is that one can get some crafting done, if everything is put within one's reach. I had to run a craft sale at the church last Saturday, so it was a bit of a rush to get the scrubbies and towel holders and everything else done on time. It was a bit of a success; we'll be selling the bits and bobs left until the week before Christmas every Sunday after services. Then I will pack it all up to be sold with some new stuff around Mother's Day next year.
set up in the Luther (library) room
Made 10 towel holders
This is what it looks like. Sold almost all of them!

   Now it's time to chug on through to get Christmas done. I have one Happypotamus done, and the back end of the second one going. I'm rather happy this time around, as I figured out a system to get it done more quickly. Basically, I got all of the centers for all of the motifs done, and now I'm just mass producing them up to the final round, and then attaching them as they come up in the pattern. It moves much faster now, haha!
It's a Happy butt. And legs. :)
  I had an epiphany yesterday. My Grandma Marie had made these little crocheted stockings with small poms on them, and I only have one of them. I may have had more, but over time and moving sometimes things get lost. At any rate, I was examining it for the hundredth time, trying to puzzle it out, and suddenly I saw how it was made. It was a Granny square, done as a pentagon, with corners made with 8 double crochets. I grabbed a size H hook, some worsted weight acrylic in red, and made it. I freaking MADE IT! I was almost in tears. I felt like my grandma was looking down and laughing at me. It means my skills have gotten good enough to be able to take simple things and figure them out. It means people will be getting little crocheted stockings on their gifts, since it literally takes 15 minutes to make one. I have already made 3 of them while binge watching the new Gilmore Girls on Netflix.
The red one is mine, the other is Grandma T's.
  I got inspired by a blog ( to create a new wreath for Christmas. You may recall the one from last year:
Well, I wanted to make another one. I had a wire florist's one I bought for $5 from either Target or JoAnn's, I can't remember which one, and some green Fun Fur yarn that I have had floating around here for forever. I decided to wrap both skeins of yarn around the frame, and then noticed that the concave side looked better, so that became the front. I crocheted a chain using a burgundy yarn held double with a fuzzy white yarn, and that became the garland/hanger part. I added some soft ornaments, and hung it up on the archway in front of the dining room. It turned out rather cool, and a bit modern.
It's so fluffy!!!
  I have started a bullet journal. I have used all kinds of planners over the years, and frankly, none of them keep me interested long enough to get into the habit of using them. I was going to create my own planner last year, and the year before, but had no freaking clue what I was doing. Then, I started reading other bloggers talking about life planners and washi tape and stickers, etc, and I got a bit interested. Then, I read about bullet journaling, and realized I already sort of did that, only I did it in about 50 different notebooks, etc. I had lists and such everywhere, but not in one spot. So, next post I will talk more about what I did, and post some links to show you where I got my ideas.
  I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! I know Shelley was in Texas for hers (miss her silly self!). I need to go do some more take down from the holiday (seriously can't remember where the box is for my fall/holiday decor is!) and possibly re-watch Gilmore Girls...
Craft on!  Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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