Some Fall Fiber Fest stuff!

Fall Fiber Festival in MN

Have you ever tried to find local fibers near you?  Go no further, we have you covered!
Alyssa, Shelley & Shirley painted the town with FIBERS!
Well actually a small community center in Hopkins, MN .  We had so much fun!  With the 3 of us being the artists we are, it was easy to get lost in there.

This coming year is the Year of Linen!  How exciting to learn about each and every fiber you weave with.  I (Shelley) have studied fibers in the past, so it was fun to geek out on all this!  This is a picture of one of the Guild Members showing us her weaving skills.  People like this love sharing what they do.  They want to pass on these skills to the next generation.  It is not just a coffee clutch or gossip session.  They do this to preserve and advance the dying arts of weaving, spinning, & dyeing of fibers!
 You also see in this photo what the members of the guild have accomplished.  All the guilds were affordable!  Your cost is in equipment, supplies & classes.

We met and shopped with Hidden River Farm ~ Fiber Goats and other items.

  So, we've been sitting on this post for a few months now. We didn't mean to, I swear! Sometimes I feel like we just get so busy with life that we put something that we both love on the back burner too often. I wanted to get this out while I had a small breather (trust me, new work hours + homeschool kiddos+hubby's ministry+some me time= very tired lady. Shelley is even more busy!) We did have a heck of a good time at the fiber festival, and every time I look at the pictures, I think about how much I really, really want to buy only local fiber. Alpaca is the softest, by the way... so... dreamy...
  I am hoping to get back on a schedule now that I am more used to my work hours. I'm putting this on out so you can see a bit of the fiber stuff we saw, and tomorrow I shall get a proper post out on more of the fiber fest. 
  Craft on!!
Alyssa and Shelley, 2 Dainty Crafters


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