More Fiber Fest and a Dollhouse

  Hi folks! So, now that my work schedule has calmed down, and the boys are currently reading some science and Harry Potter, I can get some writing done! First, some stuff from last November's Fiber Fest: I found more pictures!
  So, Shelley spoke with several people from the Crochet Twin Cities group. They are a part of the Crochet Guild of America, and have meetups, etc going on all the time. Here is their info:
Crochet Guild Of America:  Crochet Twin Cities

  Next, this lovely lady is a local artist and author, and she has just come out with a new book (that I desperately want!) titled Yarn Works: How to Spin, Dye, & Knit Your Own Yarn. Her name is W.J Johnson, and she was absolutely wonderful to speak with. She happily shared information, and her dye selections were so pretty. Right next to her was a lady selling undyed wools, and if I hadn't already spent my budget, I would have gotten a couple of skeins and some dye to give it a try myself!

  Now, I didn't get a chance to speak with this gentleman, so I don't have his name, but like many of the fiber people there, he had a large range of undyed, soft as silk yarns. Llamas and alpacas have some awesome fibers for spinning, and!
Carlson's Llovable Llamas
Waconia, MN

  Another one that we can look at today was the sweet young lady spinning at the Kasha's Knits booth. I have a drop spindle, and some wool, that I have been trying to figure out for a couple of years now. She gave me some great pointers, which of course I have forgotten, but at the time, her advice made so much sense. I ended buying a bar of soap, covered in felted wool, from her too. Supposedly the wool is supposed to shrink up with the soap (which was Castile, so my boys could use it!), but we abused it a bit too badly, and it just kind of fell apart. We're hard on stuff.

The best part about this whole experience was getting to speak with people from the tri-state area who have a passion for the animals, the fibers, and the art of making things with those fibers. Everyone was enthusiastic, honest about the hard work, and willing to share information, even if you didn't purchase from them. The love of the craft was so evident. I, and Shelley, walked out of the event, even more determined to work on our dream of one day having a craft shop/space for other artists and crafters. Some day it may happen; until then, we keep crafting and dreaming!

  So, what have we both been up to lately? Well, I know Shelley has been working a lot at the shop in Woodbury (Tailor Made, stop by and say Hi to Shelley!). I have been working more hours, trying to fit homeschool in (thank goodness boys are much more self directed these days!), and making a dollhouse. Yes, I'm still knitting and such, but I needed a different craft after the holidays, and I had a couple of friends who wanted to work on it too. I pulled out the box of the Jefferson Colonial by Greenleaf, and made a giant mess in the living room. Wanna see?
Larissa and James, painting floors

This isn't even the messiest it's gotten...

Interior, with some furniture for scale
Dining room, with built in fireplace

And Isaac, helping with sanding doors!

  So, now I'm working on the finishing touches, like shingles for the roof, baseboards and crown moulding for the ceilings, painting some more, and figuring out exactly what I'm going to do on the exterior. Might do stucco, since many homes in the Regency era were stucco covered. Oh yeah, making the dollhouse based on Jane Austen, because why not? It's been fun, and we will be working on it for a long time yet. Need to make the furniture, rugs, drapes, and other necessities of life. I even bought some moldeling clay to try to make some tiny things.

  Thanks for reading!
  Alyssa and Shelley, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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