Catching up!

  Hi everyone! Alyssa here, just trying to catch up with everything. I have been busy, knitting away, and working on that dollhouse every once in awhile. I have also been trying to keep up with schooling my boys, keeping the house in some semblance of order, and not burning out in general. It's the Lent season, so hubby is busy doing all of that stuff. I have to remember I am taking Dill Pickle Soup on the 22nd. Last year I brought it, and there was none left afterwards! It doesn't help that I have to work that day, so that means making the soup ahead of time, or prepping it so my family can put it together... I'm gonna make it ahead.
  I have been making it a bit of a goal to finish projects. I'm really, really good at starting projects, but not so good at finishing them. Well, I am pushing through to actually finish a few! I did get a shawl/scarf called the Light and Up shawl. Mine doesn't have the tassels on it; just not much into dangly bits that can catch on stuff. Here it is, blocked and ready to wear:

   It was very simple to knit, and this is a laceweight yarn that Shelley bought me like 3 years ago to make something for myself. I still have a couple of skeins left, so need to find something else to make, haha!
  I did pick up 2 skeins of a fingering weight, handspun teal yarn at the Fall Fiber Fest, and then made a trek to a little yarn shop called Skeins (unfortunately closing down due to owner retiring!) in Hopkins, and got some rainbow colored skeins, also fingering. There is a difference from machine spun fingering, and handspun, but the differences are making my next shawl really pretty. It's called the Esperanza Shawl, and I have been moving fast through the pattern. It was a bit difficult to get the lace pattern going, as there were no symbol explanations, and since I keep a lot of patterns on my Nook, it was hard to read the charts. I did get them transferred to graph paper, and thanks to the Internet, found out what the symbols stood for. Here's my go at it:
   It's going to be so gorgeous when it's blocked! And soft, omgosh! The teal alpaca yarn is just deliciously smooth against the skin. The rainbow is a merino/alpaca mix, and it's almost sock like in it's elasticity.
  I am still working on Shelley's daughter's gift. I cannot explain it... I keep messing up stitch counts! Yes, I know I will end up with about 300+ stitches, but I shouldn't be constantly missing! I am so frustrated, but it's a silk/merino mix laceweight, and I do NOT want to frog it again. I will have to toss it if I do, and that skein was NOT cheap.
  I am still plugging away at another pair of Rose City Rollers, but since I'm really not supposed to knit at work anymore, it's been slow going. I am, however, only half an inch from getting the toe done, so when I get that one done, I will take a picture, and cast on the second one! I am itching to do more socks, but I need to get this pair done. Maybe I should quit casting on shawls.... nah!
  Today the boys and I did some homeschooling, but mostly in the discussion department. Worksheets are all right, but end up being just busywork after awhile, and they deserve chats with mom, especially since she is gone more often these days. I love my hours and job, but man... I miss being home with them as much as I was. I had them help me out a bit with some organizing of closets. Got the linen one finally done; I am getting rid of a lot of handtowels that are stained and full of holes. I found one that I have had since college! That was... too many years ago, haha! So here is what we finished up with:
  The green hanging bag I had originally made to hold toilet paper, but it became useless for that task, and now it resides in the closet, holding rags and microfiber clothes. It felt so good to throw away the crap in that closet. Then, I tackled the coat closet; anyone need size 12 boys/kids jackets for spring? I have a few I will post on Facebook that are in good condition, just need a home. They have grown so fast... eep!
  I made a hat for my boss, in honor of the Women's March, and she liked it! It was a rather simple knit, but as my crafting addiction runs all over, it took me longer to finish it than I liked. It turned out really nice, though!
  Well, I have been working on using my Bullet Journal, and so far I am doing okay at it. I don't always remember to use it, but I am remembering more stuff since I write it down in the bujo. Definitely not perfectly, as I forgot when we said we were doing the church craft meeting (thank goodness for group texts!), but I have some goals listed, and so far haven't accomplished many... any... I'm working on it!! I DID get my craft space cleaned up and organized at the end of February, as my goal is to do it once a month. I tend to get messy... so here is what it looks like currently:
It's mostly the dollhouse, I know, but I got all the bulky sorted from the worsted, sorted from the lighter weights, tools put away, shelves dusted, etc. I even figured out where the new dollhouse will go when I'm finished with it... or rather, when I need to put it up for awhile, haha! I even threw away some stuff; it's true!! I don't do any of that Pinterest stuff with the ends of skeins, so had a few of those to get rid of. A lot of them... I think I might have a yarn hoarding problem...
  Anyway, Shelley has been doing some crafty stuff, secretly. She was inspired by my bujo obsession, and so got herself one to practice things with. Here is a sneak peak. I honestly do not know what it will look like when it's all done, but knowing her, it will be awesome!
  Well, that's all I have for this week! I am going to go and get some supper going, as the hubby will be home shortly, and he likes food. I am attempting to write once a week, so hopefully you all won't have to wait so long for posts! Yeah... last post was on Valentine's Day. That is not good! Gotta knuckle down!! Thanks for sticking with us, as always, and craft on!
Alyssa and Shelly, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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