I Just Want To Craft!

  Hello all! So, I have been talking quite a bit about changing schedules and kids and stuff. Any parent feels the pain of scheduling: school, extracurricular activities, work, family happenings, housework, etc. Now add into that a houseful of autistic persons (2 of the kiddos and hubby), plus a roommate with ADD/autism, and I start to get very, VERY, overwhelmed.
  I used to be a mostly stay at home mom. I only worked outside of the house for about 10 hours a week. I was able to, when my depression didn't make it almost impossible, keep up with housework, cooking, teaching, and having a few minutes to myself a day. Nowadays, I have been bumped up to 21 hours a week outside, and I still have to teach, keep up with housework, etc. (Working moms, I applaud you so much!) Everyone is burned out, badly. Hubby works 2 jobs, and still has to make time to visit homebound parishioners, church council meetings, oh and it's also Lent, so have to go to that too, etc. We actually had to give up 4-H. I didn't want to, and neither did the family, but with the new work schedule, we would have never made the meetings.
  This isn't a post about whining about the load, although it might feel like it. Many others have so much more they have to do, and we are all just plugging along as best we can. Rather, it's about scheduling. I had a cleaning schedule that I followed really well for about 2 months. And then, Thanksgiving and Christmas happened, and everything went straight out the door. I started bullet journaling, and that helped me mentally, but it didn't help everyone else in the house. Today, we are beginning a revamp of the "house rules" and schedules.
  So, I redid the daily schedule, and I thought I would share it with you here:

Weekly Cleaning Chart
~Wash Dishes, wash, dry, fold, and put away one load of laundry, wipe down counters and table, make bed, tidy bedroom, sweep high traffic areas, take out garbage and recycling as necessary, and make sure chore chart is done.
Monday: Sweep, dust, vacuum couch, and tidy living room and dining room.
Tuesday: Sweep, clean kitchen, laundry, catch up
Wednesday: Sweep, dust, tidy, recycle paper (Study and hall)
Thursday: Vacuum stairs and second floor, dust shelves and rails, tidy books and desks in bedrooms (upstairs)
Friday: Daily list only
Saturday: Take out garbage in laundry, study and bathroom, sweep laundry room, finish up laundry, wash windows and clean bathroom thoroughly.
Sunday: Daily list only

  So, this is taped up, in the dining room, by the kitchen doorway, for everyone to see. I had one similar, but had to take out certain tasks, since they were more massive cleaning things I need to supervise. Now, in a little while, I will be creating a kitchen check off sheet, since that has been the worst hit lately. Ugh, my counters! 
  Now, what does all of this have to do with the title of the post? Isn't it obvious? I just want to craft! I want to get my projects done, and start new ones. I don't want to hound people to do basic tasks, or spend my days off playing massive amounts of catch up, since people here didn't pick up the slack. I have a beautiful knit shawl that I am 5 rows away from finishing.... if I can get to it. I have a sock I am nearly ready to do the toe on, and another from a different pattern just cast on that is going to look AWESOME... if I can get to it. (Now I am whining) 
  Adulting is hard. 
I'm gonna take Furiosa's advice
   Next week's post will be so much less whiny, I totally promise!


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