Ok, so I'm a little weird. I like shawls. Like, I would wear one all the time, if I could figure out how to make them work with pajama pants and t-shirts. So, I have currently made 5 or 6, and given away most of them. I do have 3 of my own; a deep teal green one that I made 4 years ago, a grey one that needs tassels and a better blocking, and one I just finished in bright teal and rainbow yarn. It is sooo soft!
  I wear a lot of neutral colors to work; creams, blacks and whites. As I inch ever closer to 41, though, I find myself wanting some color. Most of what I own is plain tones, from the walls of my home to my couches to my bedspread. So, I am attempting to embrace my need for color, and my current favorites are teals and aquas. I want to paint my kitchen a light aqua, with white cupboards. It will work with my black ovens and stove top, and look light and clean. Just need to get the paint and prep the heck out of it! And now that it has finally decided to be sort of spring like around MN, it feels like time to get that done.
  Now, on to those shawls. Now, the grey one is totally neutral, just one tone of medium grey. It feels too small, though, for how I want to wear it. The picture really doesn't do it justice. I need to get better at taking pictures, haha!

  Now, the teal one is from a pattern called the Esperanza shawl. I bought the teal alpaca at Fiber Fest, and the rainbow at Skeins. It knitted up really quick, considering it is in fingering weight yarn, but it looks fabulous! I have the charts yet, so considering making another one in worsted weight yarn. It will definitely be bigger!
   I need to get blocking mats; does anyone have those kids interlocking floor mats? Those would work awesomely, and I could buy them off of you instead of donating them? Please?? I want to block this pretty shawl so I can wear it!! Yeah, ok, I can go to a thrift shop, haha!

  This is the second shawl I ever made. The colors are deeper than the picture shows. It's so soft, and covers my shoulders perfectly. I do need to get a shawl pin, so that I can keep it on at work. moving my arms around makes it slip a lot. It looks great with this dress I got from my mom, all teals, blues and greens.
  Currently I have cast on for a collared shawl/vest, so that I have something else for work. It should knit up quick, as it is a bulky weight yarn, but I don't have enough of it done for a picture yet. It will be a pretty blue/white ombre yarn, and if it does knit as quick as I think, I can make one for anyone else who wants one. I am also working on 2 pairs of socks, plus I was just commissioned to make a pair of knee highs for someone! Excited! I need to get some awesome yarn... there is this yarn dyer I follow on Instagram called dyeforknitting... and she is on Etsy... yessssss....
  That is all I have for this week! Yay, I am blogging more than once a month!! Thanks to everyone for reading, and craft on!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters

Post script: I just remembered that this is our 100th post!!! Wow! I didn't think about how long we would be doing this, and here we are, #100. So, in honor of that milestone, I am offering to make a hat or mittens for a random person who follows our Instagram account (@2daintycrafters) and comments on that post! Thanks for reading!!


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