Finally a minute to sit!

  I missed last week's post. Darnit. I was doing so good too. I do have a good reason though! I was planning my husband's 40th birthday party, and there was a lot to do, and I just didn't have anything to write this past week. This is a new week, and I have managed to scrounge up an idea or two for this week. This every week thing can get a little overwhelming when life keeps throwing giant laundry piles and dishes at you. *Eyes clean laundry waiting to be folded* yes, yes, I see you... in a minute!
  So, I have a couple of commissions I am working on currently. I have a couple more in the back burner right now, as I am waiting to see how we are going to proceed, but I am keeping busy in the meantime. So far, I have completed one Pussy Hat, and am ready to cast on the second one. I was given two skeins of Manos del Uruguay to make a hat with, and I was super excited to use it, since Manos is one of those companies that does good. I was saddened, though, when I went to wind the second skein. It had been cut through several lengths, so I'm going to have to do some surgery, which means I will only get one hat, maybe, from it. I do have enough left of my original pink yarn from Plymouth Yarns to make one, so we will see what happens from it.

  The rainbow yarn is being made into a pair of knee high socks for one of my online homeschool moms. I like that it's made on slightly larger needles than usual; these are #3's, when I usually use #1's or 2's. It goes so much faster! It does give it a slightly larger rib stitch, but these are meant to stretch over the calf, so it works well. The pattern is Patons Stretch Sock (free, my favorite!), and the yarn is Lang Yarn, Jawoll color. It's got a bit of a stretch, so it should fit well.
  So, I am crocheting another shawl for myself. I just can't seem to help myself. I needed a break from all of the knitting I have been doing, so I grabbed out a size I hook, some bulky yarn, and the Top Down shawl pattern from Red Heart. I managed to get quite a bit done yesterday, as it works up super quick. That's one thing to love about bigger hooks and bulky yarn: you tend to get stuff done FAST. I'm almost halfway through the repeats, and I'm not sure I will have enough of this color to do the whole thing. I am gonna have to run through the stash, and see what I have that will go, because I am not stopping!
  I am still bullet journaling, and I do occasionally post what I'm up to on Instagram. I always want to improve how I log things, so that it's organized and neat. When one feels out of control in most ways, having at least 1 thing I can control is awesome. So, I decided to up my game on the daily entry part. My last 2 months were too sloppy, and I think they wasted too much space. So, I decided on this layout:
  I saw something similar on Pinterest, and decided to try it out. I can also put my trackers on the days, and that will keep things somewhat in one place. I can then see my whole week on two pages vs the three entries per page, which might be all the same week. I absolutely love how I can change things to suit my needs. I honestly cannot recommend bullet journaling enough! It's a creative outlet that also keeps track of stuff. Win/win for me!
  Well, it is time to work on some of those commissions... and that darn laundry too, I suppose. Thanks for reading!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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