Happy April!

  Hello! Wow, the year is screaming by! Wasn't it only yesterday that it was cloudy, cold and yucky... wait, yes, it was only yesterday. That's the joy of living in the upper Midwest. Today, however, is sunny, almost 60 degrees, and totally not sucking. My birthday was last Friday (41!!), and it has been a great last few days! Went antique shopping and got some awesome finds, and lots of great gifts from loving family and friends. Thanks everyone!!
Finally! I have missed this game!

5 points to Gryffindor!


  There is a shop in Robbinsdale called Finds on Broadway, which I have been wanting to go into for a long, long time. Kev hates antique stores, so I never press, but for my birthday, he set me loose with some money in there with my sister-in-law Sara, and it was fabulous! They have a section called the Vault (literally, it was once a bank vault, still has the door), and there are albums in there. Not the worn out, who listens to this junk you find in other thrift shops, but mint, great condition albums that people actually listen to. I love my dad's record collection, but I know that a lot of them are in kinda worn shape, so finding Led Zeppelin in there for good prices was awesome! I picked up In Through the Out Door, and Zoso. Also found the 1977 Star Wars sound track, and a never been opened Flash Gordon soundtrack! Yeah, I opened it. Yes, it was the best. I am so going back; need to save my pennies for the $50 Physical Graffiti. *drool*
  I have several commissions all of a sudden! My boss wants two more Pussy Hats, and I am making a pair of knee high socks for another friend. And I have to make a pair of car seats for another friend (she is mega into vintage VW bugs, and who can blame her??). Also, we had a winner from our Instagram contest! She decided on a winter style hat, in blues, greens and purples. I think I have the perfect yarn in my stash... 
  I am still working on a pair of socks for myself, as well as a shawl/vest for work, and I still haven't finished Shelley's daughter's gift. That Mezzaluna Scarf is just trying to irritate me, I swear! There must be a flaw in the chart, because this is the third time trying to do the edging, and I honestly am not sure where I am screwing up. Ah well, it will get done. 
  I know that Shelley is working hard at her day job, but she does try to get a bit of sewing in when she has a free moment (and energy). I'm hoping to see her soon; she did take us all out for my birthday and bought us delicious Vietnamese food, but we just never seem to have time to get together and craft. I do have my craft club from church meeting this Saturday (10am at Eastside Community Lutheran Church if you're in the area!), but she will be visiting outside of the state that day, drat. 
  As it is nice out, and the boys need an outlet, I think we may go to the park today and run around... well, they will run around, I will soak up some sunshine. Craft on!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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