Projects, Projects, Projects!

  Music? Check. Drink? Check. Time to write? Check. Ideas on what to say? Ideas? Ideas? Aaaand we have a runner. (Paraphrased from a meme I saw on Facebook last week)
  I have made it a priority this year to actually complete projects in a timely manner, and so far, so sorta good. I did finish the hat that our Instagram winner won, and it turned out adorable!
Yes, we were watching Escape From New York
   This is currently in the mail, on it's way to the winner, who says she will tag me on Instagram while wearing it! Might need to make one for myself... fit rather well, and I think there is enough left in the skein to make it... NO! No casting on new projects until I get others done. Darnit Alyssa, you and your itchy knitting fingers, haha!
  My boss has commissioned me to make 2 more of the Pussy Hats for her, so I have that currently cast on my size 8 dpns. The particular pattern I have knits up rather quick with worsted. I do have the 2 needle pattern too, which was free as well, but I hate knitting then purling long rows. Hats are much easier to make on double pointed needles anyway, so I am using a pattern written by Island Wools (which I found on If you find that you would like one, send me an email (, or dm me on Instagram. If you are a real life friend, send me a message via Facebook!
  I had a little money left over from my birthday, and I found on Amazon a set of blocking mats. Finally! I always mean to look for them, but get distracted by the shiny stuff. That, and I really do try to be frugal with the budget. I have a large yarn stash mostly because people give me yarn. Either their spouse no longer does it, or they are downsizing, etc, and I end up with piles of lovely yarn. Anyway, I was finally able to block my new Esperanza shawl. The colors are so pretty!
Apparently Obi Wan needed to check out that strange vessel
  Many of you know from previous posts that I use a bullet journal. I don't have what I would call an organized bujo, but it works for me. Part planner, part organizer, part idea dump, it is a creative outlet that allows me to at least pretend to be "with it". I have needed to re-adapt a couple of pages, and I think they have turned out rather nice. One is a habit tracker. I tried a box style one that you fill in the boxes on the date; really, it was a mess. I don't have one of those dot grid journals, and rulers really aren't my best friends. So, I decided to try again, with a totally different layout, and on the whole I am pleased with it. I've also been actually using it, so that makes it more of a win.
Still a work in progess, but better!
  I am going to alter the boxes next month to have a grid in it so that the colors are a bit more uniform, but other than that, this works for me. I do have a separate goal tracker for the blog and Instagram, but this one is what I need. It's not easy dealing with homeschool, work, boys, hubby, house, and craft! One day at a time...
  It's almost Easter! In fact, this is Holy Week, and so the somber Lent season is done. Yay! Looking forward to Easter dinner on Sunday. Now to motivate the boys to help mom clean the house up on Saturday... may need an incentive, haha!
  Have a blessed Easter everyone, and as always, thanks for reading!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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