In Which I Get My Writing On

... or something like that, haha! Hi, and welcome once again to the madness that is 2 Dainty Crafters!
1. Coffee: yes!
2. Small crunchy snack: yes!
3. Couple of photos taken: yes!
4. Said photos transferred to Dropbox: yes!
5. Plan of what to write: plan? bwahahahahahaha! And, we have a winner!
  Most professional bloggers have a plan for what they write about. They will have things written in advance, timelines, beautiful pictures, and all that, written in neat online or handheld planners. They will have a month in advance done (or maybe just a couple of weeks, but I digress), and every week, like clockwork, a lovely, edited post is out! I'm a little jealous, to be honest. Yes, I know I am not a professional, and I make no money at this, but please, I could try a little harder to put out a once a week post. Sheesh, some of these bloggers put out content daily! I'm lucky if I change my jammie pants that often. And that is something you probably didn't want to know... we're "dainty" for a reason, haha!
  I have to remember that I am NOT a professional. I don't post content for dollars or hits. Yeah, it's cool when I see I get 50 or more views per post (that rocks so damn hard, by the way!), but it doesn't translate into cash. I don't care to get money from this. Writing isn't my forte, but I like doing it. I like sharing what I, and Shelley when she has a minute, create with anyone who wants to read about it. I like getting commissions from people who want me to make them something one of a kind. And, I love creating. So, something I am working on for me is to not beat myself up over this blog. I am not a pro, so I don't need to freak out if content isn't out when I would like it to be. And, I don't have to have big ideas or the best photos/writing out there. Thanks to everyone who reads this; it really means a lot that you pop in and put up with me!
  Speaking of projects... as always I am up to my armpits in yarn and ideas. I am about halfway through the second Pussy Hat, and have to do some yarn surgery on the second Manos del Uruguay skein so I can knit the third one. I am almost to the heel on the first knee high sock too; I'm going to use the thread that came with the skein to reinforce the heel and toes. I had to look up what to do with the thread that came with it; not every sock yarn company adds it with the skeins! I also did a fast crochet shawl. Yes, another shawl, haha! This one is for those nights when it's cold, and days where it can't seem to make up it's mind, aka Upper Midwest weather patterns.
The colors are nice; thanks Dora for giving them to me!
   I went to the library today with my boys. Originally just the 3 of them were gonna go, but then we realized that Lug and Packie needed new library cards, so I had to go with... being, ya know, their MOM or some such nonsense. Anyway, after that business was taken care of, I had them do a little tour with a librarian (mostly to get them out of my hair for 5 minutes, but they did need some instruction), and I wandered into the nonfiction section. No, not for anything on history, or organization tips, etc... knitting and crocheting books. Yeah. I picked up one on potholders: 35+ Potholders to Crochet by Simon, Hetty-Burkart, Hilbig & Neubert. (all last names, fyi) It has some interesting designs, and it will give me a break from knitting. I also picked up, for the 3rd time, Knitwear Design Workshop by Shirley Paden. I always think I'm going to get into it, and I always forget. Well, since my boss is interested in me possibly making mittens to sell this fall, I really feel I should make my own designs. The trouble is, I don't know how to design, at least not things to really be worn. I get the basics, but really, a proper design needs good planning.
And coffee, always coffee
  And so that is what has popped into my head this Tuesday afternoon. I don't really plan these ahead; I just kind of sit down with some music, coffee and maybe a picture or two. Some days I feel really inspired, and others it's like going to the dentist to get a root canal. I appreciate all of you who come by, and read what spews out of my little brain. Thanks!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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