Slow down, year 2017!!

  Hey! Alyssa here, trying to get her writing groove on. Hoping that the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack will help. Got Vol. 1 and 2, so we're all good, haha!
  So, I mentioned last time that I am trying to learn how to design, properly. I have made a couple of things, with Shelley helping on the scrubbie one, but nothing really spectacular. I have been trying really hard to advance my skills, both in actually making the items and creating unique designs. So, I found my Knit Notes design notebook by Nadine Curtis (found a version on Amazon), and started working. I have several things in mine already, from past projects and ideas. I have some swatches and samples of yarn in it, so it doesn't close well, but that's ok. It's a nifty little book, and I highly recommend it if you are interested in designing knit or crochet items.
  I also looked up at my favorite used book site,, the Knitwear Design Workshop book that I checked out from the library. I found it for $10, but haven't ordered it yet, but it is on my list to get asap. So far it has been a great teaching resource, so definitely worth the money. I have my wrist and hand measurements taken, and now I just need to decide on what yarn to use. The yarn will determine what size hook or needle I use. I am sort of imagining my fingerless mitts using both techniques. I have been looking at Boho style cuffs on Etsy, and there are some really cute, really complicated, things on there. People are talented!
taking notes
art and maths!
I haven't gotten too far into the workshop book as of yet. It is primarily for designing sweaters and clothes, not gloves and mitts and hats. The principles are the same, though, so very much a good teacher so far.  

  I had also checked out a book on potholders, and I had to return it. All of the patterns were written as charts, and not written out. That would have been ok, but the stitch guide at the back wasn't very complete. I'm not a complete novice when it comes to crocheting, but I have a hard time with crochet charts, and this was not easy. Kinda sucks, since I really need some new potholders and don't want to buy any, hahaha! I will just have to get on Ravelry, and look that way. Speaking of crochet, I liked making my last shawl so much with that Top Down pattern that I am making another one. This one will be shades of silver and grey, and instead of being with a bulky yarn, it will be worsted weight. When I have some more progress done on it, I will post some pictures.
  So I have been dealing with my depression rather well this time around. I could feel a black day coming, and I really, really didn't want to have that hit. Black days suck all around, and I really wanted to avoid it if I could. I have been giving myself small, easily finished tasks, to keep myself from feeling like a failure. Today, I got some housework done (even sorted a few things in the eaves storage!), and then worked a bit on keeping my craft shelf organized.
  I wish I had a complete room to spread out in, but I do have a nice, large shelf, thanks to my boy Gabe. I am in the slow process of caking my yarn, for easier storage. They stack so neatly! The regular ball skeins are fine for show, but it's nice to not have to search for the ends. That, and there is something rather Zen about winding a cake of yarn up. It's productive, but not hard or particularly time consuming. I watched some Sense and Sensibility on Hulu, and cleaned up my sock yarns and some bulky yarns.
Coffee and a ball winder
Someday I will have better boxes...

  So, that is what I am up to lately. Yes, I still have hats to finish, and a pair of socks too. And some long overdue presents... well, just one, but dangit, that yarn and pattern are fussy! And now no fun! Gggrrrrr...
  See you next week!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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