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Coffee? Check. Welcome to Nightvale on headset? Check. (I'm only on episode 32, Yellow Helicopters) New project on my hook? Dear heavens, check! Yeah... I have another new project on my hook. My 29 year old son is going to be leaving for an overseas trip on Friday, and I decided to make him a passport cover/wallet. I thought I would have until Monday, but nope, his ticket is for the dead hours of Friday. So, I need to get my keister in gear!

I am using Tunisian, or Afghan, crochet to create the fabric for this project. Unlike regular crochet, this uses a long hook, and you pick up stitches going right, then crochet to the left. I haven't made any sort of video using this technique, because I haven't gotten around to it for one, and there are a great many better videos out there to watch. Here is one that I found helpful:
I am using a size G hook, and worsted weight cotton yarn by Loops & Threads Cotton Club. The pictures don't really show the true color, which is a brighter blue that Gabriel picked out a couple of years ago. I was supposed to make something else with the yarn then, but it didn't work, so I have just been holding onto it, waiting for a project to show up. Now, I did find some patterns for passport covers on Ravelry, but they just didn't "do it" for me. So, I am making this up completely in my head, haha!
  In the picture on the right, I am showing the pocket that the passport will slide into. I measured the passport, and then cast on 26 stitches. Now, there are a few different stitches that can be used, but I am using the Tunisian Simple Stitch, or TSS. There is the Tunisian Knit Stitch, as well as a Purl stitch, but since I knit, I really didn't want to imitate those stitches in crochet. The dragon wings are showing where I intend the fold to be. The second side with have a covered pocket that can hold ID's, credit cards, etc. It won't be able to hold coins, though. I am not lining this with anything.
  The cotton is very soft, and will be easily washed if necessary. Not sure what else I will make with this yarn, although I am thinking a scrubby and washcloth might be nice for when he gets home in a month. ACK! He will be gone... and that means I have to start cooking again. Darnit.
  Shelley will be back this weekend, and she informs me that she has been sewing like crazy. Gabriel is learning chef type things overseas, and so she has been trying to make him a knife roll. She has been posting on Instagram her progress, and she might have a pattern worked out! She has also been working hard on our social media stuff, which is fabulous since I am really only good at occasional blog posts and picture posts. When she is back, we are going to get some things hammered out to make this a bit more professional, or at least better. Hopefully we can get some videos of us, or maybe a podcast, or who knows what.
  Speaking of social media, we are now on Facebook! YAY! So, if you want to, go and give us a like, and that will make our little hearts sing.  We love doing this, and our hobbies, and hope to keep entertaining and informing you all with our various craft inanities. We also have some new boards on Pinterest, so if you are on there and want to see what we like, check out our stuff at We do occasionally tweet on Twitter as @DaintyCrafters, and of course Instagram as @2daintycrafters. Oh, and I do have a Ravelry account, so if you want to friend me on there, I am Mistressoftheknit. Sheesh, this is a lot!
  Now, to get some work done on that passport holder, so that I can work on either the KAL (knit a long) or finish up that crochet spring mandala vest, or even finish that last darn sock or hat... ACK!
Craft on friends!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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