Happy October!

  Yes, yes, I know it is October 17th, so a little late with the whole "happy October" thing, but this is the first time I have had the energy and time to sit and write something. I had hoped to be writing every week again, but this year is going to kick my butt. Lug is a sophomore, which means higher level work for me to do. Packie is in 6th, but he learns different from Lug, so I can't do things the same way I did with him, and that packs on the work too. Luckily, bujos save the day every week.
  I am crafting away, but not for my family this year. Normally I like to make a bunch of stuff for family members, but I decided instead to take a commission from a very dear friend. I am making a lot of gifts for her to give to her family this year, and so I will be buying gifts for family instead. Not really sure how many hats/doilies/etc my family wants anymore anyway, haha! So, I have everything set up for my friend's gifts, patterns picked out (mostly), and have begun the first one, a pair of socks. 

sock! homeschool bujo! excitement!
   The pattern is called Almost Pretty Stockings, by Hannah Poon. It is in the Jane Austen Knits magazine from 2014. I have started these socks twice now. The first time I had used the wrong size needles, mistaking my #2's for #1's. I got past the heel turn, and was working on the gusset, and realized they would fit my giant old feet... but not the dainty size 6 feet of the recipient. Dangit. So, frogged back, got the right needles. Miscast on the wrong number of stitches. Tear back, start again. Now I am through 2 of the 6 repeats for the leg, and it looks and feels right at last! Huzzah!
  Also, I am still finishing writing out the week for the boys schooling. Ugh. Depression is a bunch of crap, and it always pulls me down when I most need to be up. Luckily, the boys and hubby have been able to pull it together, as the previous weeks were easy enough to follow and extrapolate from.
  So, the plastic bin is full of the different yarns I am going to use for the Christmas projects. Lots of hats and cowls and mittens in there, waiting to happen.
  So, the bag of yarn on top of the bin is actually from my boss. I have knitted a cowl for her (still need buttons, oye!), and she wants me to make some more stuff. I need more hands, haha! I can do this, I just need to pace myself. Now, the boys and hubby have been told that for the next couple of months, the bulk of the housework will lie with them. Yeah, not a lot of hope, but they do try. We are all pulling together as a family, and that is very important.
  Just this last weekend we were at another friend's daughter's birthday party. I have boys, and most of what I know about little girls comes from my experience as one, not from modern day kiddos. Well, luckily, I found a pattern on Red Heart, via Ravelry.com, that was a crochet witch's dress and hat. I decided to make it more princess like, and crocheted it in greens and white.

On the left is the finished hat and dress, before I added buttons and the silver ribbon to the hat. The thing I did not realize about dolls these days is that the heads are quite large, like super big. So, the hat fits... but you have to pin it in places to keep it on the head. The dress, on the other hand, fit perfectly.

  So, I hope to be posting here more than once a month, but with the busy season upon me, holidays, work, house and homeschooling, I may be only here at most twice a month. I want to thank those of you who read this little slice of craft blogging, and I will endeavor to be more regular.

Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters

PS, Shelley has been posting on Instagram quite a bit, so be sure to check us out there, @2daintycrafters!


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