I want to apologize for such a long hiatus from blogging. Shelley was dealing with major family issues, and I took on some commissions that were just a bit, um... well, let's just say I am still trying to finish all of the projects for it. But, a lot of good things happened too, and if you have been watching our Instagram account (@2daintycrafters) you have seen a lot of what we have been doing.
  So, what have we been up to? Well, winter and Christmas and work issues/job changes for spouses, etc. I have been knitting like mad up here for the shop I work at, Main Street Galleria ( The owner loves fingerless gloves, so I came up with these. Yes, they are in colors reminiscent of certain sports teams. I have sold out of them 3 times. I still have the maroon and gold ones, and a spring green pair, and a tweed pair that I forgot to get pictures of.


Little of both!

I am working on socks and 2 pairs of fingerless gloves for my good friend who commissioned them before Christmas. I did finish the hats and mittens and such that she needed for most of Christmas, but I ran out of time. She is a gracious lady, though, and gave me an extension. So, I am halfway through the second sock of a pair, and need to make 3 more fingerless gloves:
Both patterns use sock/fingering weight yarn, and size 1 double pointed needles, which means it takes lots of time. However, I am enjoying how these are turning out, and will be sure to post pictures on here, Instagram and Facebook, and  possibly even Twitter!

  We also adopted a couple of kittens this past fall. Pangur Ban, who was originally supposed to be just Bren's 16th birthday gift, became the family cat.
isn't he glorious?
My eldest son, Gabriel, adopted Pangur's sister, Seneca (we call her Seneca Butt):
Her eyes are so pretty!
Yeah, the O.G. cat, Samantha, isn't very happy about it all. We generally, even after several months, have to keep them separate. So, that has been something pleasant.
  Shelley made me a dpn case, and I was supposed to go and get it Sunday night, and was unable to get there. So sad! She and her hubby are currently driving back to stupid Kansas...dangit. I barely had time to see her when she was here, so it kinda sucks. She has been the social media maven for this little slice of internet, and I am grateful she kept this up for us.
  Winter is a hard time for me to keep up with social media. Both of us suffer from seasonal depression, but mine really kicks my butt hardcore. My hormones are all weird (thanks after 40 body), and this winter has just been tough to get through, with hubby having job things, and kids and house and... and... and... haha! But, spring is coming, despite the large amounts of snow that have currently encapsulated Minneapolis. Speaking of Minneapolis, yes, we survived the Super Bowl. I cannot WAIT for the clean up to be done though. Ugh.
  So, I was pretty good about Bullet Journaling all last year, but the last couple of months of 2017 had me slacking hardcore. I skipped practically all of January too. Once again, Shelley came to my rescue and took me to a Barnes and Noble near her. We had met for lunch and coffee to go over our goals for the year (we may not be a business, but we are treating this seriously!), and then we went to the mall to hit B&N. I found a Leuchtturn 1917 in a color I liked. It is even set up to teach you how to bullet journal! So, I have re-started bullet journaling. I am feeling more accomplished and organized, simply by logging crap into this journal.
This color is still one of my favorites
going to make sure I blog!

Still love Jane Austen

  So, I will be loading up stuff on Instagram about my #bujo journey again, as well as projects from both I and Shelley. I have also decided to try to be healthier in my diet, and also try to fit some exercise into my daily life. Walking to the bus is ok, but it isn't something that really burns a lot of calories, even in winter when you need to dodge ice, idiot drivers and snow piles like Mt. Everest. So, I may be occasionally talking about that journey on here, so that I have some accountability.
  So, hello! Expect to see more blogs in the future, as I am determined to not let this go by the wayside again. I am hoping to work my way up to 4 blogs a month, but for now, it's going to be about 1-2 as I get into the groove.
  Craft on!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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