Just doing some crafting...

Hi everyone! So, I have now done a total of 4 live Facebook videos on crochet! Wow!!! I have a dear friend who is learning how to do it, and wondered if I would help. Well, of course!
  The first three were on one day, because I didn't have everything where I needed it, kids, Matt Fry (hahaha!), and such made it more complicated. Today I did one, and it was all in one video. And it was over an hour long... yowza! I enjoyed the live videos, though; people can ask questions in real time, and I can answer them as best I know how. Shelley and I have talked about doing YouTube videos, but this is, I think, the next best thing.
  So, the first three were crochet basics, and this latest one was various stitches. I decided, with the help of my friend, to do a washcloth, and found a free pattern for us to use:
If anyone else wants to participate, just download the pattern, and I will be live streaming from Facebook on Wednesday, March 14th, 7pm Central time. I am going to go live from the 2daintycrafters FB page, instead of my personal page, this time, so "like" that page if you want to see what I am up to! https://www.facebook.com/2daintycrafters/
  I have also been working on more fingerless gloves, and trying to find time to finish up other commissions. Those gloves I make have kind of taken off at work! I have made ones in MN Vikings colors, MN Gophers colors, and now I have an order for Twins colors. Every time I think I will have time to finish up some older commissions, I get nailed again. And, as it is work, I need to make them so that both the boss and I make some $$. I am hoping this year is a good one that way!
  Shelley has been working on her quilting, and if you want to see some of what she has done, make sure to check out our Instagram page (see links on the side). She is more of a social media person than I am, but there will be pics of the things I have done lately too. I apologize that this post is a little picture free this time around. I have extra kids over, and I have one ear out to listen to them play. So, trying to finish this up fast!
  I hope to have more to post up here soon, and I really look forward to seeing people online on Wednesday!
Craft on!


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