It's Friday!!!!

  Hey! Got a little time to write a little something, so here I am! I have been working a lot more hours, as I have said in prior posts, and I think I am finally settled into the routine. So, got some dubstep in the headphones (Engine-Earz, etc), a husband on the other computer playing some Lord of the Rings online, and...oh no... no coffee!!! Keven, HELP! Oh, wait, I have a boy wandering around, looking for a task...bring me coffee!!
  Anyway, I have been very busy making baby booties at work. I already sold one pair, and have another 2 pairs up for sale at the shop I work at ( The original pattern is this: I have made the adult ones too; Shelley is a proud owner of a pair, as is my mom! I really like this pattern; it gets easier to do each time as my fingers get the muscle memory.
Already happily with their new owner
Now at Main Street Galleria!

 I love being able to crochet, as well as knit, and embroider, and sew, etc. Jill of all trades, mistress of none, lol! I am also working on a baby blanket; it's a long process, since it's done with a size G hook. It consists of a central square, with 18 squares around it. I have made one of the outer squares, and am on row 31 out of 112 of the central square. Yeah... real labor of love...

This will be an expensive piece when done
  Shelley has been doing a lot of social media stuff for us, and her All Things Gluten Free and Fabulous (find her on Instagram!). Lately, she has been on a kick to make sure we are pricing correctly for our work. We aren't a major business, or anything at all. This is still just an occasional for both of us. But, she recently listened to a podcast on, and it really is kind of a game changer, mentally, for both of us. Here it is Now, it does get a little hard, and I did get a little angry at first, but the more I listened, the more I understood. Those of us who craft, and sell either occasionally or frequently, are part of a larger community, and what we do really does affect others. If I lowball too much, then others will expect makers and crafters to do the same. It isn't fair of me to under price my goods if it causes someone, who does this for a living, to lose out on that living. We also talked about it a while ago, and if you want to see our take, here it is:
  So, continuing on the social media vein, I have been doing a series of live stream videos on Facebook. I have been working on crochet and yarn basics up to this point, and this next Tuesday I am going to do a knitting one. I really like the live stream feature, even if Facebook is a bit of a toxic dump lately. I can see questions in real time, and can answer them. I have been really, really enjoying trying to help and teach. I am always open to questions here and on there, which has been fun. I also tell stories, both innocent and off color; if kids are watching, you have to let me know, because otherwise I have a bit of a potty mouth, and some of my stories are meant for adults. Also, if you watch, leave any prudishness at the door, haha! I am just a farm girl stuck in the big city; my humor can be really rude! If you are interested in watching, just "like" the page, and tune in on Tuesday night at 7pm central time. I will be posting what needles, yarn, tools, etc, on that page for the program. YAY!
  I hope you are all having a lovely Friday; we are doing absolutely nothing most of the day today. It feels freaking fabulous. Thanks for reading, and enjoy this link heavy post!
 Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters yarn gal

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