A lot has been happening!

  Hey! So... a lot has been happening in the lives of the 2 Dainty Crafters. So, let's get down to business!
  I (Alyssa) am no longer employed as of the beginning of October. I had been at Main Street Galleria in its many incarnations, almost 20 years. I had started there in January of 1999, right out of dropping out of college. Yup, I'm a college dropout, haha! Anyway, Margie was the manager, and she took a chance on me, mostly because I showed up with a resume and wore nice clothes. Apparently that was abnormal... So, between getting married (met hubster there), and having 2 kids, and a short stint at Linen's N Things (remember that one?), I had logged in some considerable time there. The clients all knew me, and when the shop was sold, I went with it, figuratively. Twice. This last time, the owner just couldn't make it work. Rents, pricing in downtown, etc, just wasn't making her any money, and so Main Street Galleria closed it's doors permanently.
  I don't miss it too much, just yet. It's only been a month, and I had a very busy beginning of October: jury duty. That was different, and I am glad I had that experience, but oh man...BORING sitting in the jury pool room for hours and hours. I managed to get a scarf going, on wooden needles (kept getting asked how I snuck in the needles... um, wood, and I didn't sneak them, they could see them in my bag!). I ended up frogging the scarf (just was a jury project, I guess), but did get some homeschool stuff written and planned out. Oh, and I even sat on one criminal case... she was guilty, but we couldn't prove it (reasonable doubt). Just a pair of jeans stolen, but still...
  So, now Alyssa (me) is a stay at home mom again...only this time, it's full time. I haven't been sitting on my bottom doing nothing, mind you! I want to though...my depression isn't helping this transition well. I have a lot of things to do, between teaching high school and middle school, a few commission projects to finish and start, house, etc...but man, the energy levels just aren't there. I am slogging along. and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, as it were.
  I plan on doing YouTube livestreaming on Tuesdays again. I really enjoyed doing those, and so if there is anything anyone wants to see me do/explain/etc, let me know either in a comment here, or on Facebook. I recently did a Granny Square tutorial, and I am keen to do more stuff. I have a couple of Darn Good Yarn Co boxes to work on too. I have also been working at night on my Mandala Madness blanket...it's getting HUGE! I am only on part 10 out of 18 as it is, so this is gonna be cozy! I hope to be posting more on Instagram about it, and other projects.

  At any rate, I am hoping to be blogging a lot more frequently, and getting more content from Shelley as well! She's been taking a couple of classes in embroidery and paper piecing, so can't wait to see what she says about that. Also, Fall Fiber Fest is happening Nov 3rd! http://www.fallfiberfestival.com/ Shelley and I have plans to be there, and I'm hoping to have a little extra cash to maybe get some luxurious fiber...mmmmm Merino wool....
  So, in closing, here are the many ways you can keep up with what Shelley and Alyssa are doing:
YouTube: search 2 Dainty Crafters
Instagram: @2daintycrafters
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2daintycrafters/
And obviously here!
Take care, and keep crafty!


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