Who Are 2 Dainty Crafters?

Just who are we?  Well, we're a couple of coffee drinking crafting fools, who like to do paper and yarn crafts in our free time.  Roll Call:
Here I am at Christmas with my handsome hubby

Alyssa is the knitter/crocheter of the bunch.  She started knitting at 9 while in 4-H, but gave it up because, well, duh, it was BORING.  In 2011, she decided to quit smoking for her 35th birthday, and took up knitting again to ease the cravings.  4 years later, she's taught herself how to knit and crochet (with the help of youtube!), and it keeps her from being stabby.  :)

Here she is with her handsome hubby

Shelley is the paper lady of the group. She makes beautiful cards and other related projects. She also does other little crafty things, and will be giving hints and tips on those things as our little project progresses. She has her own little slice of the internet at http://thedaintymuse.blogspot.com/ that she updates as the mood hits her.


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